safety recommendations

  • obey the traffic rules, signal your intention to turn, and stop at red lights.
  • on trails and in congested areas – use the electric support motor sparingly.
  • gently use the bell to alert pedestrians, joggers and dogs if you intend to pass.
  • please don’t use hired bikes in water, sand or muddy conditions.
  • don’t use motor alone for steep inclines, please use the pedal to assist.
  • please don’t impact hired bike wheels and tyres against curbs or gutters.
  • hired bikes must only be ridden by the hirer, and not shared at any time.
  • hired bike riders must be capable of riding and not affected by drugs or alcohol.
  • hired bike riders under 15 years, must be accompanied by an adult.
  • riding electric bikes is different to riding a normal pedal bike and care is needed.
  • electric bikes will continue to move forward when not switched off.
  • full instructions and information is available from neb staff at any time.

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